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Sully full movie A flock of Canadian Geese hd putlocker reckless has several possible tragic fates: to finish in the crosshairs of a rifle hunter, as the nearest dinner or charred in the engine of a jet farmer. That is the worst, because they often die all scribblers and humans. It was what happened on January 15, 2009, when geese stood in the way of US Airways flight 1549 piloted by Captain Chesley Sullenberger, just after three hours and 25 minutes in the afternoon. The journey was from New York to North Carolina, but it came down to just over six minutes of flight.


After a series of impacts, the two engines of the plane stopped working, leaving 155 passengers to the fate of the responsiveness of Sully, the affectionate nickname of Sullenberger. Finally, the pilot managed to maneuver the Airbus A320 with an almost superhuman skill and the result was a splashdown in the Hudson River without fatalities.

An American feat

This epic is the engine that serves as prologue to the new Clint Eastwood film, which he called by Watch Sully full movie online the name of its new national hero, Sully. The film opens next week in the United States, two years after the arrival halls Sniper, your previous version of the story of another US titan, the marine Chris Kyle, the deadliest man in the Iraq war.

The film arrives in Chile on December 2 and is starring Tom Hanks in the role of Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger. It is a safe choice: There are not a Hollywood actor with more empathy for the protagonist hero of Saving Private Ryan (1998). In addition, Sully, much more than the unbalanced and traumatized that Chris Kyle, is a figure of consensus among Americans.

One against all

Based on the book Highest duty written by himself Chesley Sullenberger and journalist Jeffrey Zaslow, the film had its first showing Friday at the Telluride Festival, one of the must vestibules Oscar. Early reviews, all positive, speak of a “tense and live” (The Hollywood Reporter) and “a great echo in the American audience, especially in these times” (Variety) film. As usual, Eastwood looks at life from the point of view of lonely heroes, faced with a tangle of rules and unfair social provisions.

If the sniper, the right-hander Chris Kyle was the best of its kind in the management of the telescopic sight in Sully the protagonist is the alpha male of aircraft cabins. This, of course, will cost you dearly. The conflict is, again, that of a man of unprecedented heroism cornered by the forces of bureaucracy snub. After all, the true knot of this plot are Chesley Sullenberger investigations must endure after saving 155 lives. This quest to rescue the lone case as can, as many reproached by the sniper, reaching fascistic trim, but also a certain primitive and uncontaminated humanism. It was the case of gunslinger Bill Munny in Unforgiven (1992) and the boxing trainer Frankie Dunn in Million Dollar Baby (2004).

Chesley Sullenberger is an example of invincible skill: with 20,000 hours of flight time as pilot of the US Air Force and then as captain of US Airways, had absolute clarity that the best decision that day was to take the plane to the Hudson River. Eastwood’s film shows those 209 seconds maneuvers in successive scenes and from various viewpoints. Then contrasts with research that falls on Sully and questions that ditching.

The men of the National Transportation Safety Board will about him and his co-pilot Jeff Skiles (Aaaron Eckhart). They take evidence in hand pilot testing company certifying that Airbus was not necessary to settle on the Hudson River and could have returned to La Guardia Airport. Moreover, they told that according to reports from engineers is impossible for the two engines stopped working altogether. Chesley, seconded by Jeff as the best watchdog, the incredulous looks. Is it possible that future pilot license is at risk by government bureaucrats having saved 155 lives? According to the manual itself. According to the technicians as well. The small difference, of course, is that neither the manual nor engineers were there. None heard the eerie silence of the turbines after the impact of birds.

Unlike films like The Lone Warrior (1986) or Gran Torino (2008), Sully preaches brotherhood certain absent in previous eastwoodianas proposals. You never know what goes through the mind of the director and actor of 86 years, and time is not wasted. Otherwise, it is not understood how researchers from the National Board will gradually believing more in what he says Sully and less on what they read in their manuals. It is rare for a film of Eastwood, but what happened in fact. Sully, as we have already said who saw the film, is the most optimistic of grumpy old cowboy movies.

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